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Our Story

Our story begins in the winter of 2019 on the narrow side streets of Bologna, Italy. 

While strolling the local boutiques, our founder, Owen Churchill was pulled in by a single item. A unique, handcrafted bracelet formed from a nail.
It was then that he knew he had found something special—and from that nail, Ruvido, Italian for “rough”, was born.

When he returned to his hometown in Columbus, Ohio, Owen began his search to find an addition to his one of a kind Italian piece.
After 12 months, no brand could match the beauty and craftsmanship of his rare find. It was then that Owen decided to design his own bracelets while incorporating his passion for golf and share it with the world.
With the help of long time friend and co-founder, Nate Scott, Ruvido launched in the fall of 2020 with products available online and in select pro shops around the country.

Ruvido allows you to carry your passion with you wherever you go.

Left to right: Nate, Owen